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Professional Receivable Solutions

Is modeled after an industry leader that has been around for several decades. That company has led their respective industry in profit margins and collection recovery rate. Like many successful small private companies, this model company eventually went public and was purchased a few times over by massive companies in the same industry.

PRS is an improved version of that original blueprint and founded by three individuals who have a combined 31+ years experience in the collection industry. These three successful accomplished and highly decorated individuals are the core foundation of PRS. They have the vision and experience to offer their clients a superior product for their collection needs.


Nathan Gibson - CEONathan Gibson - CEO

As the CEO of Professional Receivable Solutions (PRS), Nathan is responsible for running all facets of the business. Nathan has a proven executive management track record and over 12 years of experience relentlessly driving revenue results for clients. Prior to cofounding PRS, Nathan was Operations Manager for Transworld Systems Inc. in both the Dallas and Kansas City locations. As Operations Manager, he was responsible for P&L, revenue growth, employee recruiting and development, FDCAP compliance and operational procedure development.

Nathan saw an opportunity to offer a proven product while enhancing the overall client experience and profitability. His goal with PRS is not to build the largest receivable recovery agency…simply the best.


Chris McNamara - COO

Chris McNamara - COO

Chris has over 20 years of experience in the collection industry. He started in 1991 as a collector for the largest collection agency in America. Chris worked his way up through management over the years, earning the 1998 Assistant Manager of the Year award, and the 2010 Manager of the Year award. Chris has extensive experience in operational management, corporate leadership, and strategic planning.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Business Management from Drew University.


 Steve Varner – Vice President of Collections

Steve Varner – Vice President of Collections

Steve Varner is a key asset for PRS ensuring unmatched recovery rates and profitability for our client base. As VP of PRS, Steve’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, training, developing and monitoring employees to ensure compliance on FDCPA, HIPAA, company policies, standards, and procedures to collect delinquent accounts. Steve also develops and maintains client relationships focusing on high level customer service and maintaining our client’s valuable reputation. This is accomplished by using his expertise in diffusing escalated calls, creating amicable solutions for debt resolution, settlement negotiations, authorizing accounts for legal action in accordance with Federal and State collection laws, rules and regulations.

Steve Varner started as an entry level collector with Transworld Systems. He was named Rookie Collector of the Year after his first 8 months with this company. Steve went on to lead the entire company in gross revenue collected and recovery rate in 2010. Steve’s keys to success are his organizational skills, accountability, patience, and extremely disciplined work ethic.