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Stage One

Our Stage One collection process recovers more money at a fraction of the cost.


Stage Two

PRS Stage Two is unique within the collection industry because of the experienced and highly decorated employees generating contact with your customers. Our representatives are able to produce higher recovery rates than the industry standard through focusing on attention to detail. This leads to a much higher right party contact rate, which leads to more money back in our client's pocket. Moreover, these experienced employees are among the top producers in revenue, close percentage, and recovery rate. They conduct their day to day operations with professionalism and integrity as they represent our Stage Two clients.

Fact: The ability to collect an account actually starts the first day you do business with a respective customer. What information do you get from that customer? What terms do you offer? How consistent and credible is your in-house collection procedure? PRS will analyze your in-house collection procedure and provide long-term AR solutions for your business. This will strengthen your cash flow and minimize your future need for outside collection assistance.