Better Results

Accounts become less recoverable as they increase in age. The PRS Stage One collection process is designed to generate contacts early in the aging process when accounts are collectible. Many businesses hold accounts beyond the recovery window because they either worry about damaging a potential long term customer, or they want to avoid the high cost associated with traditional collection agencies. Our service provides a solution for both concerns. In the PRS Stage One collection process, we communicate with your customers in a respectful diplomatic way, and we do it at a low flat rate. You keep your customers all while improving your bottom line.

PRS Recovery Rate 120 Days Past Due Use

Manage your account with our easy-to-use online payment portal or contact us by phone to make a payment.


Traditional Collection Agency-Recovery Rate

Cost of Traditionally Collections Agencies Is 33% of Every Dollar Recovered.


The reality is many delinquent customers change their mental disposition toward your service once a collection agency gets involved.

PRS provides your company with the benefit of the best 3rd party agency without the high cost of traditional collection services. Our process is structured to resolve slow pay problems before they development into NO pay problems.