Consumer & Commercial Debt Collection

PRS provides all of it’s services to Consumer & Commercial Debts alike. All while understanding there are many differences between each of these types of debts. PRS has specific and specialized training for our collectors in each of these categories that allow for the highest recovery rates. Our collectors are trained to retain relationships for our clients while still bringing the most revenue back to our client’s bottom line.

Unlike traditional collection agencies, PRS’s Stage One flat rate pricing is the same for Commercial debt collection accounts as it is for Consumer debt collection accounts. Our Stage One pricing is based on volume of accounts rather than the balance size, ranging from $5-$15 per account. Contact PRS for your FREE A/R analysis today.

PRS Recovery Rate 120 Days Past Due Use

Manage your account with our easy-to-use online payment portal or contact us by phone to make a payment.


Traditional Collection Agency-Recovery Rate

Cost of Traditionally Collections Agencies Is 33% of Every Dollar Recovered.


The reality is many delinquent customers change their mental disposition toward your service once a collection agency gets involved.

PRS provides your company with the benefit of the best 3rd party agency without the high cost of traditional collection services. Our process is structured to resolve slow pay problems before they development into NO pay problems.