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Professional Receivable Solutions LLC, A Collection Agency You Can Trust

PRS was founded by three individuals who have a combined 50+ years of experience in the collection industry. PRS has the vision, experience and expertise to offer their clients a superior product at a fair price for their collection needs.

Here at PRS, we understand the importance of maintaining your valuable customer relationships as well as a positive company image. Therefore, our collection processes are professional, diplomatic, and in accordance with Federal and State Laws, yielding high recovery rates while maintaining a positive company image for you and your business. Contact PRS and start BRIDGING THE GAP!

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Steve Varner – CEO

Steve Varner is a key asset for PRS ensuring unmatched recovery rates and profitability for our client base. As CEO of PRS, Steve’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to; training, developing, and monitoring employees to ensure compliance with all regulatory and governing bodies in and out of the US, company policies, standards, and procedures to collect delinquent accounts.

Steve also develops and maintains client relationships focusing on high level customer service and maintaining our client’s valuable reputation.

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