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Professional Receivable Solutions LLC, A Collection Agency You Can Trust

PRS’s mission is to provide an unmatched superior service for our clients by implementing our extremely efficient, highly innovative, yet diplomatic collection process to save them time, money, resources, and retain valued customer relationships, while also increasing their revenue.
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Steps to Success

How Our Process Works

Written Demand

PRS Stage One collection process recovers more money at a fraction of the cost by only charging a flat fee averaging $10 per account, rather than taking a percentage.

Verbal Communication

PRS Stage Two collection process is unique within the collection industry bringing more revenue back to our client’s bottom line, while saving them wasted time and resources.

Suit Initiation

PRS Stage Three collection process provides an additional resource with our clients approval on viable accounts to be collected via suit initiation by our team of attorney’s.

Our Services

Commercial Debt Collection
& Reduction Solutions

Higher Recovery Rates

Our highly innovative tried and true collection process immediately creates higher unmatched recovery rates.

Opportunity Cost

Time is Money. Instead of your staff spending valuable time mailing statements and placing unanswered phone calls.

Collection Control

Submit, Stop, Suspend accounts based on communication with your clients, customers, and/or patients.

Better Results

Accounts become less recoverable as they increase in age. The PRS Stage One process is designed to generate our clients revenue early.

Lower Cost Pricing

Pricing ranges from $5-$15 per account based on system volume, whether the balance is $50 or $50,000.

Consumer & Commercial Debt Collection

Our initial collection process puts 100% of the recovered monies back into your business with NO PERCENTAGE.

Our Key Components

Don’t Wait & Let Your Money Slip Away!

Each day your past-due accounts age, the opportunity for a full recovery diminishes.

A Shared Vision

100% Satisfaction

Online Access 24/7

Client Services

Perfect Solutions
For Your Business!

PRS specializes in analyzing your specific collection needs and implementing a collection strategy that is parallel to your company culture and bottom line expectations. Our services are recommended for any business in any industry that needs to convert extended credit into cash flow.

  • Provided by experts to help challenge activities
  • Complemented with peer perspectives & advice
  • 3X More $ Collected Over Competing Attorneys & Agencies

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